Night Squad – Natural Utopia

Night Squad – Natural Utopia


After disappearing for over a century, they are back and more alive than ever, having reinvented themselves and the world around them. Their understanding of nature and biology help them build this natural paradise, making it not only sustainable, but regenerative. Visitor becomes witnesses to their discoveries, way of life, sports and celebrations – a perfect springboard for a fantasy fusion between humans and nature. Is it utopia or just a new reality?

The good news is that the fascinating phenomena on display throughout are based on well-founded, real scientific theories and knowledge. This utopia, presented as an environmental light fantasy also serves as the vision and the alternate gallery to the system of real life.


The installation

The installation consists in objects used as decor that can also be converted into props for the projection, lights and music. The experience is designed for the entire family, allowing young and old to be submersed in a utopic universe without bringing our own society into question.

To design the project, we assembled a team of visionaries and scientists able to bring the material to life. The active formula behind this approach centres on wonder and the interdependence of various elements. 


The project is currently under development.