The little story that became big !

Since it creation in 2012 for the event « Luminothérapie » in Montreal, moonGARDEN has toured the world from Lyon’s Fête des Lumières, Bruxelles, Jerusalem, Washington to Beijing.
Already seen by over a million people, it is without doubt an invitation to dream.

A multitude of uses...

These majestic spheres not only host delicate shadow theaters. They also host interactive applications, video and sound content to create an entirely new storytelling experience.

Thanks to these qualities, the spheres have rapidly become natural urban screens, embodying a narrative playground ready for public participation…

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Our moonGARDEN in the world

@ houston

Discovery green park & Avenida, 2019

This moonGARDEN sets the table for the discovery of this narrative journey, both playful and contemplative.

It retraces the great moments of Houston since its creation: the first heart transplant, its favourite music groups, its skyline…

@ mérida

International Festival of Lights (FILUX), 2013

Inside this moonGARDEN, you could find a child flying out of the window using balloons to join the imaginary worlds of an enchanted forest where colors and fantastic animals meet.

@ medellin

Boulevard Tsvetnoy, 2015

This moonGARDEN called “Cocoons” is a light installation with original music, made up of shadow theaters, mobiles and lighting lamps. Its theme highlighted the technological and cultural evolution of Medellín.

@ moscou

Festival of Lights, 2015

This light installation with original music was a very special occasion to raise a glass to the year 2015 as it drew to a close, and to welcome the new year.

Its enchanted forest theme, freely inspired by native tales and legends, took shape through shadow theaters.

@ athènes

Centre culturel Stravios Niarchos Foundation, 2020

First installation in Greece for Lucion, this moonGARDEN was realised in collaboration with Wireframe studio.

The spheres were exhibited in Athens for the 2020 holiday season. The light installations created a magical, festive atmosphere for the public.

@ jérusalem

Festival light, 2013

This luminous and auditory artistic installation was illustrated by shadow theaters and highlighted the idea of forest spirits. The installation was enhanced by flying lumineoles designed and installed by partner company Porté par le vent.

@ bruxelles

Place Poëlaert, 2012

Commissioned by the famous champagne brand Laurent-Perrier, and complementing the end-of-year illuminations, moonGARDEN takes on the sweet name of “Bül à Bruxelles” for the occasion.

@ lyon

Festival des lumières, 2012

In the installation “Les Volières”, virtual birds live inside spheres. Some are installed on the ground, others perched in trees.

A further spellbinding effect is added by a soundtrack of music and effects supporting a rich female voice reproducing bird songs and cries.

@ mont-tremblant

Espace public, 2021

Commissioned by the Ville de Mont-Tremblant, the exhibition Jardin céleste, a moonGARDEN made up of 5 spheres, has created a wonderful little village in the Espace public de Mont-Tremblant, home to amazing, friendly creatures you never knew existed…

@ montréal

Montréal en lumière, 2011

“Polar Spheres” is not strictly speaking a moonGARDEN. Rather, it’s its ancestor.

3 families of gigantic spheres, 3 different experiences and a common subject: winter.

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