Since its inauguration at the 2012 “Luminotherapy” event in Montreal, moonGARDEN has travelled the world, visiting the Fête des Lumières in Lyon, along with Brussels, Jerusalem, Moscow, Washington, Mexico City, Medellin, Houston and Beijing. The show has been seen by over 1 million people, and offers an unequivocal invitation into the world of dreams.

The ambiance for the show was inspired by the theory of sets, a branch of mathematics that illustrates notions of sets and belonging. For us, moonGARDEN is the perfect metaphor for a more inclusive world.

The installation consists in 6 to 25 self-inflating spheres from 6 to 30 feet in diameter. The cut-outs are made by laser in keeping with a predefined storyline and then assembled on rotating platforms.

The sequence based on a single stream of light produces an enchanting animation reminiscent of the lamps that made shadows dance on the walls when we were kids.

The content of the shadow theatre show can be customized according to needs in keeping with the theme of their choosing, a story, the ambiance of a city or its inhabitants.


These majestic spheres do much more than play host to delicate shadow theatre plays. They also host interactive applications and video and sound content that creates a brand-new storytelling experience.

Thanks to these qualities, the spheres quickly became natural urban shields for the narrative play space inside that invites public participationTo learn more, please visit the EXPosure and Speaktree websites!


moonGARDEN @ Houston

moonGARDEN @Houston

moonGARDEN @ Discovery Green Park and Avenida (2019) set the table to discover this narrative journey that is both playful and thought-provoking and recounts great moments in the history of the city of Houston, including the first ever heart transplant, several fetish music groups, NASA’s Mission Control Center, the city’s skyline, the “Be Someone” graffiti wall, the car parade and the city’s parks.

We wanted to help people get to know their city and their park, while giving the story an extra little twist and magic touch. This means that in moonGARDEN dogs can be seen flying off on balloons, impromptu concerts are held on the roofs of cars and astronauts float in giant stars, etc.
Visitors are invited to experience a space between the dreamworld and reality.
Each group of spheres has its own theme and each its own story to tell.  

To learn more about moonGARDEN @ Houston, click here

moonGARDEN @ Filux Merida

moonGARDEN @Merida

The installation was created for the Festival Internacional de las luces (FILUX, 2013) in Mérida, Mexico.

Inside the spheres you could find a child being whisked off on a bunch of balloons to the imaginary universe of an enchanted forest filled with colour and fantastic animals.

moonGARDEN @ Moscow

moonGARDEN @Moscow

This light installation with original music score premiered on Tsvetnoy Boulevard in Moscow. This was a highly memorable occasion to celebrate the end of 2015 and to welcome in the New Year. The enchanted forest theme loosely based on aboriginal tales and legends came to life in the form of shadow theatre.

moonGARDEN @ Medellín

moonGARDEN @Medellin

This moonGARDEN called  “Cocoons” consisted in a light installation with original music and debuted at the Festival of Lights held in Medellín, Colombia in 2015. It included shadow theatre, and several plays involving mobiles and lamps. The theme centred on Medellín’s technological and cultural evolution.

The Aviaries

moonGARDEN @Lyon

This light installation was designed with shadow theatre, as well as mobile and lamp theatre.

Virtual birds live in birdhouses inside the inflatable spheres. Some can be found on the ground, while others are perched in trees.

A soundtrack based on music and effects to back a rich female voice making the sounds of birds chanting and chirping. This soundtrack gives the installation an added sense of enchantment.

moonGARDEN @ Jerusalem

moonGARDEN @Jerusalem

This artistic light and audio installation premiered at the 2013 Festival of Light in Jerusalem.

Its shadow-theatre inspired theme focuses on the concept of forest spirits. The installation was enlivened by flying lumineoles designed and built by partner company Porté par le vent.

BÜL in Brussels

moonGARDEN @Bruxelles

moonGARDEN was crowned “Bül” for the occasion and displayed at the Place Poëlaert in Brussels (2012), to complement the year-end light show. It was sponsored by world-renowned champagne maker Laurent-Perrier.

To learn more about moonGARDEN @ Brussels, click here

Sphères Polaires

moonGARDEN @Montreal

“Polar Spheres” is not strictly speaking a moonGARDEN. It’s more the ancestor of moonGARDEN. 

“Polar Spheres” follows three families of giant spheres, i.e. three different experiences with one common theme: winter.

Polar Spheres” is a visual and sound installation that reacts to visitors’ every move. When the movement detectors sense something, the spheres awaken to reveal magnificent projections.

moonGARDEN @ Athens

moongarden athens SNFCC

First installation for Lucion in Greece, moonGARDEN was made in collaboration with Wireframe.

The spheres were displayed next to the beautiful Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, in Athens for the celebration of Christmas 2020. The light installations create a magical festive scene for the visitors.