United Fish

Video Mapping

United Fish is an architectural projection that was custom designed for the StaroRiga festival. It’s a five-minute-long fantastic tale based on Latvia’s 1988 Singing Revolution.

United Fish is a 5-minute short story that follows Plink, a small red fish, as it plays in the depths of the ocean. Alongside his community, he learns to master the art of making music using quirky instruments made from objects taken from the ocean floor. One day, a heartless developer attacks the community and pillages its resources. How will they save their small marine community? And can the power of sound become their secret weapon?

United Fish was created in 2014 for and with the participation of Staro Riga, the Festival of Lights in Riga, Latvia. It was performed once again in 2017 at the Illuminart festival held at the Cepeg du Vieux Montréal. It’s a very poetic, charming and engaging short film for the whole family.

The Team and Lucion

Artistic Direction – Jean Desrosiers  

Animation co-produced with Zabelle Inc. – Zabelle Côté, Alexandre Morin, Mathieu Archambault.

Music by Thomas Augustin. To watch it, click here!