Our team


Bernard Duguay

Founder, producer & designer

Bernard is a happy blend of rigor and creativity.

His career has taken him to positions as director, art director and set designer for numerous cultural, museum and corporate events.

In 2000, he founded the multimedia production company Lucion Média, a studio that quickly became a source of inspiration and a creative hub for many new media artists and directors.

His sensibility: integrating craftsmen capable of producing works of high artistic value.
His signature: a gentle blend of poetry and technology.

Juliette Van Gaalen

Project Manager

Juliette discovered the world of digital creation in Lyon in 2015. After a BAC in Communication and Digital Creation and a civic service at GRAME, a national center for musical creation, Juliette completed a Master’s degree in Digital Creation at UQAT, Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue.

Sensitive to the artistic value of digital technology, to the strong links between it and its audience, and to multidisciplinary creative expression, Juliette joined the Lucion en 2022 team as a project manager, participating in the realization and production of creative experiences.


Lise Deville

Production Manager

With a master’s degree in digital creation, Lise has been directing artistic projects in digital cultural mediation for several years. Her favorite themes include digital identity, language, and the encounter of digital technology with new audiences.

Attracted by the different strata of language, whether spoken, written or machine, she uses automatic writing as a means of expression to transmit her emotions to the machine.

With a background in design and art direction, as well as proven expertise in creative project management, Lise held the role of Digital and Special Projects Advisor at Culture Montréal for two years. Today, she works as Production Manager – Immersive Environments at Lucion.


Maxime Giraudeau

Interactive programmer & motion designer

Maxime joined the Lucion team in March 2023. A graduate in multimedia from the École supérieure d’ingénieurs en technologies du numérique (ESIEE, Paris), he enriched his background with a year’s master’s in digital creation at UQAT in Abitibi-Témiscamingue.

With his diversified expertise, he is fully committed to every stage of the creative process, encompassing a wide range of skills, from 3D and 2D production to interactive programming.

His ability to adapt quickly to new technologies and software is one of his major assets.

Photo Kerwin Jackson

Kerwin Jackson

Business developer manager

After completing a certificate in marketing at Concordia University, Kerwin entered the film industry as an actor and production member on the documentaries Yellow Fellas (2005) and Black Watch (2007).

He then became a business developer based in Montreal for the whole of Canada and the United States for companies such as Energy Retail and Garmen Laboratories. Since 2012, with his company, Manu Marketing, he has been developing co-productions for various corporate events with multimedia companies such as Lucion.

Photo Claude Notre équipe Lucion

Claude Gagnon

Administrative manager 

Claude Gagnon has over 20 years’ experience in project management, administration and training planning.

At Lucion, she is in charge of the company’s administration, as well as relations with funders and government applications.

Claude Gagnon worked on the organization of the “Bientôt sur nos écrans” conference and Montreal’s “Marché de la réalité virtuelle” as delegate producer.

Previously, she was responsible, among other things, for the annual planning of 32 training activities and the funding of specific projects at the Regroupement pour la formation en audiovisuel du Québec.

Benjamin Broche

Benjamin Broche

2D & 3D motion designer

Benjamin’s studies at the School of Art and Design in Saint Étienne (France) have enabled him to work on a wide range of media and projects, including silkscreening, sculpture, pinhole, engraving and painting. These experiences, combined with his self-taught spirit, always lead to original ideas.

He arrived in Montreal in 2013, where he started at Normal Studio and developed his sensibility around movement, before moving on to Lucion Media as a freelancer on a number of mapping projects.

Photo Sebbe Notre équipe Lucion

Sebbe Jolly

Multimedia producer

Sébastien has been working as a multimedia director at Lucion for 9 years now.

With over 15 years’ experience, he is involved in every stage of the creative process, drawing on a wide range of skills from editing to motion design and video mapping.

Juliette Sarrazin

Juliette Sarrazin

Environment(s) design

Juliette’s passion for visual art and crafts led her to specialize in presentation design at Cégep du Vieux Montréal. After graduating in 2015, she founded her own company.
Her collaborations with renowned Montreal studios open doors to prestigious projects for clients such as Cirque du Soleil, Google, Adidas, and many others. This experience enabled her to perfect her project management and manufacturing skills.
Today, she excels as a set designer, taking charge of the artistic direction and fabrication of sets for major events, notably for companies such as Ubisoft and Behaviour.Ah 


Jean-Marie Saint-Georges

Technical manager

Jean Marie started at Lambert Multimédia as an audiovisual technician in Montreal in 1970. In this company, he developed two specialties: corporate staging for events and technical installations for museums in Canada and abroad.

Versatile, he also dabbled in video projection for theatrical shows and church sound systems, where he built his own sound boxes.

In 2000, he joined Lucion Média, where he was responsible for all technical aspects of the moonGARDEN and Exposure light installations.

His multiple skills enable him to excel in electronics, electricity, mechanics and carpentry.

Andre Bazinet

André Bazinet

Artistic director

With a background in graphic design, André Bazinet has assumed the artistic direction of numerous projects. He has produced presentation and promotional material, graphic murals and interpretation boards, corporate images, videos, photographs, photomontages and other multimedia events for a number of companies.

For many years with D+C, he was involved in the graphic design of dozens of museums in Canada and abroad. He has been working with Lucion since 2014, where he has participated in the development of numerous projects.

Passionate about art, he is an artist capable of evolving in several fields.

A visual artist himself, he has produced exhibitions of photomontages, paintings and sculptures.

His company André Bazinet Design Multimédia has been active in the creative field since 2008.

David Brodeur

David Brodeur


David Brodeur studied arranging and guitar at Cégep St Laurent. He went on to study writing, composition and electro-acoustics at the Université de Montréal. His young career began in pubs and theaters, where he played and composed for and in a variety of musical groups for several years.

At the same time, he developed valuable skills in advertising music (RDS, sports channels, radio jingles…) and in studio work, recording and mixing numerous albums of Quebec and international songs.

In recent years, he has specialized in the composition and production of music and sound effects for museography, as well as for large-scale, multi-channel events such as video mapping, immersive light installations and even entire routes.

A fan of challenges, he likes to compose from sounds he has recorded himself. Passionate about his work, he never travels without his recording equipment: good sound can be found anywhere !

Jean Desrosiers

Jean Desrosiers

Artistic director

Jean has 25 years’ experience in multimedia, events and video production. His skills range from art direction for corporate events and museum exhibitions to immersive, interactive installations and multimedia experiences in general.

Jean has a very actual and daring visual signature simultaneously powerful, communicative and chaleureuse.

Benoît Gromko

Benoît Gromko

Lighting designer & programmer

Benoit Gromko has been working in and with lighting for 10 years. He started out as a technician for Montreal festivals and numerous events and conferences, before becoming a lighting designer.

His focus is always on ways of adapting technical equipment to the site and, above all, to the objectives of the artists for whom he designs shows.

His tasks range from design and production of lighting plans to programming and team management.

He regularly works with Lucion on projects ranging from moonGARDEN (Baltimore, Washington, Houston, Beijing…) to installations in Halo Park and Gu’an.

André-Paul Therrien

André-Paul Therrien

Director of photography 

Cameraman and director of photography based in the Montreal area, André-Paul specializes in “EPK” / “Making of” for American productions (“X-Men”, “300”, “Arrival”, “The Walk”…).

He is a photography graduate and certified drone pilot with 27 years of expertise in international television and film. As a result, his experience has become highly diversified.

Whether it’s a fiction shoot, a documentary with an astronaut, a Hollywood star, the president of a multinational corporation, a prime minister, all these subjects or situations have enabled him to acquire vast expertise as a Director of Photography / cameraman.

Valerie Letourneau

Valérie Létourneau

Accessory designer

Léa-Valérie Létourneau studied art at the Université de Québec and theatre design at Concordia, Montreal. She began her career as a set designer and art director for music videos and films.

Her talents earned her a 2014 nomination for the prestigious Gemini Award from the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television. She currently works on films and with leading film companies.