Notre équipe



Bernard Duguay



Bernard has built a brilliant career in the multimedia industry. His career path has included several positions as director, artistic director and set director for a variety of cultural, museum and corporate events, including Canada Day on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, the illumination of the Jacques-Cartier Bridge in Montreal, and the “Moment of Light” sound and light show in Arras’ Place des Héros in France.

He founded multimedia production company Lucion Media in the year 2000. The studio quickly became a source of inspiration and a hub of creation for a many artists and directors working in new media.

Bernard is responsible for the artistic and production streams at Lucion and has struck a healthy balance between precision and creativity. He has become a master at managing multi-disciplinary teams and has an uncanny knack for finding excellent solutions when faced with technical and mechanical limitations.

His sensitivity: finding artists and artisans that are capable of achieving works of arts with high artistic merit. His signature: a delicate balance of poetry and technology.

Léa Nivet



Léa has made a career of writing and assisting with the production of various television companies (17 Juin Média, Ango Production and Terence Film).

In 2015, she went back to her first love – scriptwriting – and joined the teams at Method Animation and Onyx Film, both of which are under the On Entertainment banner, where she helped produce various films and animation series. Here, alongside Pierre Reyssat, Director of Development, she helped with prospection and development for new films and TV series.

In 2017, she joined Lucion as set coordinator and assistant for the “A Moment of Light” production.

In 2018, Léa became the project manager for Xn Québec’s “Shadow Play”, the “We are light” show presented in Gu’an, near Beijing, China, and “At the Edge of Peace” for Veterans Affairs Canada. Since then, depending on circumstances and project needs, she has acted as Production Director (for the Mont-Mégantic ASTROLab’s “Emergence” production), Coordinator (for the Fête des Lumière de Lyon’s “Quantum” production and as Junior Producer (for moonGARDEN @ Discovery Green Houston and “Avenida”, a 22-light-sphere installation featuring shadow theatre, along with “Le rêve de Bonhomme” for the Carnaval in Québec City.



Christine Kerrigan is a Montréal-based (and Boston-born) multidisciplinary designer, system thinker, and action researcher who is on a mission to create cities that support human happiness, health, equity, connectedness and sustainability. 

Approaching design from both a practitioner and research perspective, Christine applies creative thinking, human-centered design principles, visual and written storytelling, and co-creation processes to help improve public life in cities.

She develops new concepts and ideas and writes content in English and French.

At Lucion, she is creating strategic partnerships and alliances in order to activate urbain environments using art and design. The team creates concepts that touch topics in art, culture, sustainability, nature, wellbeing, educations, collaborative storytelling, diversity, inclusion, history, heritage and entertainment. 



Claude Gagnon has over 20 years of experience in project management, administration and planning training activities.

She is responsible for administrative duties at Lucion, and for relations with funders and government requests.

Claude worked on organizing the “Bientôt sur nos écrans” conference and the “Virtual Reality Market” in Montreal, as the dedicated producer.

Previously, she had been responsible for the annual planning of 32 training activities and funding for specific projects with the Regroupement pour la formation en audiovisuel du Québec (The Quebec Audiovisual Training Group).




Sébastien has been working as a multimedia director at Lucion for six years.

His 15+ years of experience have afforded him an extensive bag of tricks and allowed him to get involved in every step of the creative process, including editing, motion design and video mapping.

He took part in the illumination and electrification of Montreal’s Jacques-Cartier Bridge, along with the creation of Nomac, an interactive console designed for one of Dream Theater’s recent world tours.

In the years to follow and after working on the monumental A Moment of Light show, along with 25 minutes of video mapping projected onto three facades of the Place des Héros in Arras, France. He continues to work on numerous projects such as “Shadow Play” presented in Beijing by Xn Québec, “Emergence” for the ASTROLab in Mont-Mégantic, “At the Edge of Peace” for Veteran Affairs Canada, “Quantum” for the Fête des Lumières in Lyon, “Le rêve de Bonhomme” presented at the Carnaval de Québec in 2019, which was a finalist for Best Video Mapping at the 2019 Numix Awards and “We are light” presented in Gu’an outside of Beijing, China.

Andre Bazinet



André Bazinet was trained as a graphic designer and has acted as artistic director on several projects. He has designed presentation and promotional materials, graphic murals and interpretive tables, corporate images, videos, photos and photo montages, along with other multimedia materials for several businesses.

For many years at D+C, he helped develop the graphic design for several dozen museums in Canada and museums abroad. Longtemps au sein de D + C, il a participé au design graphique de quelques dizaines de musées, au Canada ou à l’étranger. He has been collaborating with Lucion since 2014 as artistic direction for “Three Seconds of Light”, “Shadow Play” and “Emergence”.

André is passionate about art and pursues multiple disciplines as an artist.

For instance, he shared artistic direction and stage design responsibilities for The Musical Box show, which has received extensive international acclaim. Since 1993, this team has been remastering original Genesis concerts in Quebec, Canada and throughout the U.S.A. and Europe.

André is a visual artist and has completed exhibitions for his photo montages, paintings and sculptures.

His company, André Bazinet Multimedia Design has been active in the field of creation since 2008.

Jean Desrosiers



Jean has developed a wealth experience in 25 years of work in multimedia, events and video production. His skill set includes everything from management to artistic direction for corporative events to exhibitions and immersive and interactive multimedia environments.

Jean has a very modern and audacious visual signature that evokes power, communicativeness and strength.

Jean-François Desmarais



As a 3D artist, director and producer for more than 25 years, Jean-François Desmarais has worked for major broadcasters such as ABC, the Sci-Fi channel, TVA, Radio Canada, and the CBC. He also brought to fruition many mandates for the for the Paralympic Games in Sochi and the Olympic Games in Rio di Janeiro and Pyeongchang.

As well, Jean-Francois has directed and produced numerous events and corporate videos for major multinational companies in the banking and pharmaceutical sectors.

In 2017, he co-directed the commemorative event Vimy 1907 -2017, in France. More recently he has directed and produced awareness campaigns for the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity, an organ of the United Nations.

Jean-Marie Saint-Georges



Jean Marie began his career in 1970 as an audiovisual technician at Montreal-based Lambert Multimedia. Here, he developed two specialties.

The first was in corporate staging for events like annual banquets and medication unveilings for pharmaceutical companies like Merck Frost and Sanofi. He also worked on technical installations for several Canadian museums (The Museum of Civilization in Québec City, The Pointe à Callière Museum in Montreal and the Centre historique de Montréal) and international museums as well. In fact, he spent three years in Brazil as part of a collaboration between the Canadian International Development Agency and Lambert Multimedia, where he worked on shows as a multimedia installer.

From the 1980s to 2000s, he worked with Binette and Associates on several installations, taking him around the world, from Lausanne (Switzerland) at the Pierre de Coubertin Olympic Museum, to Ciné Cité in Tokyo and Montréal to the Plein Vol exhibit in Paris, France.

Jean-Marie is multitalented and also prepares video projections for theatre shows and works on church acoustics, for which he builds his own sound boxes.

In 2000, he joined the gang at Lucion Media where he designed the technique for the moonGARDEN and Exposure light installations in Lyon, Moscow, Mexico City, Medellín and Jerusalem.

Benoît Gromko



Benoit Gromko has been working in and around light for the last 10 years. 

He began as a technician at several Montreal festivals including Francofolies, the Jazz Festival, Montréal en Lumière, etc.) and numerous events and conferences (C2 Montreal, Google Home is North, Cabaret of Montreal casino…).

Since 2015, he has been the lighting designer for these same festivals and events where he got his start. He is always focused on finding ways to adapt technical equipment to new locations and especially on helping the artists whose shows he designs to reach their objectives.

Bernard also works for RIDN, Le Pop Festival and M for Montreal. His duties range from design work, production and lighting plans to programming and team management.

He often works with Lucion, be it on moonGARDEN shows (Baltimore, Washington, Houston, Beijing…) or the Halo Park and Gu’an installations, to name just a few.

Arnaud Belley-Ferris



After studying architecture in Chicoutimi, Arnaud went on to study music at the Académie de musique in Jonquière. His passion for stage performance got him interested in lighting and light programming. 

He quickly climbed the ranks in the areas of lighting design and operations for several major Canadian companies.

His complete understanding of musical performance and ability to land on logical ideas afforded him the nickname “Instant Genius”. 

Arnaud has since had the good fortune of working with Cirque du Soleil, Mutek’s Festival d’Art et de Technologie, the Olympic torch relay, the Emerging Music Festival and sets for several Canadian music groups including Matt Holubowski, Klo Pelgag and Half Moon Run.

He has also worked as a technical director and lighting designer with Lucion Media at a dozen festivals.

Bruno Rafie



Bruno Rafie has been lighting up stages and other spaces for over 25 years. His de­signs include 15 productions with Cirque du Soleil, the last of which was completed in Dammam, Saudi Arabia for the country’s National Day in 2019.

With Mo­ment Factory, Bruno designed the lighting for 4 Luminas (enchant­ed multimedia night walks in the forest) in Japan, Singapore, and Canada. He has worked on several productions with Lucion Media, including Polar Spheres in 2001.

He was also part of the lighting design team for the illumination of Montreal’s Jacques-Cartier Bridge and has designed the lighting for various dance, the­atre and music productions. In addition, he has taught lighting at Collège Li­onel-Groulx since 2001.

Marie-Claire Lagacé



Marie-Claire is a graduate of industrial design and has collaborated since 1989 on several significant projects in the cultural, artistic, event planning and museography fields in Quebec, across Canada and around the world. 

Marie Claire imagines, designs and develops the universe of sets and narrative environments that bring to life truly innovative immersive experiences for large-scale audiences. She is a multidisciplinary creator whose sole desire is to provide content, stories and a communications strategy.

After collaborating on several productions, she joined the Cirque du Soleil’s creative team in 2004.

In 2009, she joined the Moment Factory team as a designer/director, artistic director and multimedia set designer. For 8 fruitful years, she created projects for several prestigious clients, bringing her unique signature and distinctive touch to each.

Today, on the strength 30 years of experience, Marie Claude continues to pursue her creative path, infusing her productions with a unique and distinct look that gives them their evocative power, incites wonder and stokes the imagination.  



David Brodeur earned his stripes at St Laurent College, where he specialized in arrangements and guitar. He pursued his studies in writing, composition and electroacoustics at the University of Montreal. He began his young career playing for and with several bands at pubs and theatres and composing for several groups for many years as well.

At the same time, he honed invaluable skills in advertising music (RDS, sports chains, radio jingles…) and in the studio by recording and mixing several albums for Quebecois and international artists.  

Over the last several years, he has specialized in composing and producing music and sound effects for museographies and large-scale events for several channels, including video mapping (Quantum), immersive light installations (On the Edge of Peace, We are Light…) and even mapping a full-scale water course like Ura in Chandler, Quebec – a course in celebration of water.  

David loves a challenge and to make compositions based solely on sound recordings that he made himself. He is passionate and never leaves home without his recording materials – you never know when you might come across a great sound!

Pierre-Alexis Tremblay



Pierre-Alexis discovered traditional animation at 17 years of age. Around that time, his father offered him a Mac Plus, he had a light-bulb moment and his future career path was laid out before him.

However, he was turned away from the animated drawing program at Concordia University, and instead chose a career as a graphic artist. He got his start at BMO in 1993 and went on to work for Secom Technologies.

One thing led to another and he ended up working for a small multimedia firm where he was introduced to the now famous After Effects software.

After 2 years working with Moment Factory’s content team, he now works as a freelance artist with Cinema 4D, After Effects and various connected plugins. He is self-taught and is just as competent in 2D as he is in 3D.

With 20 years of experience under his belt, Pierre-Alexis can be proud of his participation in a wide variety of projects (corporate, cultural, multi-screen, architectural video mapping, etc.)

André-Paul Therrien



André-Paul is a cameraman and director of photography based in the Montreal area and has specialized in American ‘’EPK’’ / ‘’Making of’’ productions (“X-Men”, “300”, “Arrival”, “The Walk”…)

He is a graduate of photography and a certified drone pilot, with 27 years of experience on the international stage in the fields of television and film. This has afforded him an incredibly diverse skill set.

Whether it’s filming fictional movies, documentaries on astronauts, Hollywood stars, the CEO’s of multinational organizations, or the Prime Minister, each new circumstance has helped him acquire a wealth of expertise as director of photography / cameraman.



Arthur has extensive experience in CGI video production, visualizing architectural and set designs, along with illustration and photogrammetry. He has an uncanny ability to multitask and manage multiple urgent priorities while also meeting quality targets and deadlines. He always tries to find creative solutions and ideas that optimize the visual and graphical quality of the productions that he works on. He is passionate and professional and remains abreast of new creative tools and trends in graphics. His clients include Turbulent, Fly studio, 4U2C, Cirque du Soleil, Moment Factory and many more.



Marielle Dalpé is a 2D animation freelance artist/director who graduated from Concordia University’s Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema in 2016.

She has a number of tricks up her sleeve, including everything from traditional animation to motion graphics.

Over the last 5 years, she has gained valuable experience creating visual content for highly-varied projects on everything from social media (promo GIFs for the Constituons! show, time capsules for the Centre du Théâtre d’Aujourd’hui’s 50th anniversary, multimedia installations (A Moment of Light, Shadow Play, Quantum), music concerts (Musical box), in addition to designing her own artistic projects. Currently, she is directing an unnarrated film on aphasia resulting from Alzheimer’s disease. She also does illustrations and cartooning and she is currently working on a project entitled Ballon-Chasseur which chronicles the antics of a group of grade four students as they try to get their hands on a highly-coveted red ball during their lunch breaks.

Marielle loves to explore new techniques through her animations and illustrations, making her more versatile with every new project. She always uses playfulness to add a touch of sensitivity to her esthetic.


Louis Roy



Louis Roy is an illustrator based in Montreal. He first became enamoured with painting until he fell under the spell of the pre-war comic-strip esthetic. He drew for both Sempé and the New Yorker, worked on medieval compositions and then finally came back around to painting using a mix of ochres and blues reminiscent of Jean-Paul Lemieux. Louis has a malleable style without engaging in pastiche. He lets himself be guided by variations of his limitless enthusiasm for the visual arts.

Louis has five years of experience working with production companies and has worked numerous times with Lucion as an illustrator and animator over the last two years. He injected life and character into over 100 delicate cuts for the moonGARDEN @ Houston installation, used in 18 platforms and 22 spheres – producing the second largest moonGARDEN installation ever. He also worked on the Edge of Peace presentations in Ottawa. He co-illustrated and animated the map that will soon be presented at Quebec’s Opémican National Park, which highlights a year in the life of timber boomer workers in the Témiscamingue region. 

Juliette Sarrazin



A lover of visual arts and manual work, Juliette is a graduate of the technical program in performance design at the Cégep du Vieux Montréal.

This training, which focuses on designing décor and visual concepts, was right up her alley and it’s the reason that she launched her business immediately after graduating in 2015.

She spent her first three years in the field doing freelance work and partnering with various studios around Montreal, including Robocut, DGL signature, Isabelle Kaliaguine and Lucion Media.

It was through these contacts that she got the opportunity to work on projects for the Cirque du Soleil, the Quartier des spectacles, Google, Heineken, Adidas, the Gala des Prix Gémeaux, the Quebec City Carnival and several other international productions.

This experience was her first foray into project management and allowed her to refine her production skills.

Juliette has worked in several different fields, designing and building decors for interactive installations, events, shows, museums, restaurants, municipalities, galas and film sets.

She loves to get involved in every step of production and is currently working as a scenic artist.

From artistic direction to manufacturing, sketching and project management, she now produces decor for large events for Ubisoft, Behaviour, Expo Entrepreneurs and many more.