Bonhomme’s dream

Bonhomme’s dream

The inner world of a legend

Shadow Play combines sound, light, shadow theatre and micro-mapping with storytelling. The cut outs used as part of the decor serve as the background for this animated movie that pops out from the 2D screen into the 3D world. The first cut was presented at Shanghai’s Museum of Modern Art.

For the 2019 Carnaval in Québec City, Lucion created a miniature model of the province’s namesake capital city, which served as the tapestry for the story. This new, 6-minute iteration follows Bonhomme, the Carnaval’s mythical mascot, as he navigates the world. The outstanding soundtrack created by the team at Audio Z gets festivalgoers dancing.

A luminaire with a 540 LED-bulb array was used in a giant dome in synchrony with the video, plunging visitors into the mind of Bonhomme – a truly immersive experience.

The installation was selected as a Numix awards finalist in the “Best Mapping” category!!!