“EYE ON THE FUTURE” 360 video sphere

“EYE ON THE FUTURE” 360 video sphere

Surrealist park

This park in the heart of Gu’an, near the Chinese capital of Beijing, is a recreational site for inhabitants of one of the city’s newest residential neighbourhoods. It has played host to several light installations and international artists. Lucion was designed the main installation, consisting in a 10-meter sphere for projections on Pelican Island, flanked by 400 illuminated globes and motorized lamps.

360 video sphere

This 360o projection follows the journey of a drop of water that can foresee the future of the city. Lucion’s team of five 3D animators used 7 indoor projectors to display the content for the show, after it had been created in Montreal. Lucion has a studio that can accommodate a small 360o sphere to carry out upstream tests.

Beijing-based Y&L joined forces with Lucion to bring this co-production to life.

Music signed by David Brodeur ! To here it, this way !