As part of Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation and Montreal’s 375th birthday, Lucion took part in the interactive illumination of the Jacques-Cartier Bridge, in collaboration with the Government of Canada.

For years, the Jacques-Cartier Bridge has been emblematic of the Montreal skyline. It spans the Saint-Lawrence River and connects Montreal to the city’s south shore. Since 2017, the bridge has been a popular tourist attraction and, perhaps more importantly, a powerful symbol of Montreal’s creativity.

Its unique character and grandiose architecture served as the starting point for the illumination. Its steel structure and system made up of hundreds of connections inspired its creators to design the living connections concept: a tribute to the unique engineering of this historical structure.

This first “connected” bridge in the world comes to life every evening with smart programming that follows the rhythm of the seasons and the pulse of the city. Its is a symbol of togetherness, life and longevity.


Emblematic landmark by day, the bridge comes to life after sunset, marking the passage of day until the strike of midnight when it goes to sleep until dusk. Activated by millions of human and natural connections that beat to the pulse of the city, the bridge has become a reflection of Montreal’s vitality and an invitation to reflect upon and marvel at the beauty of daily life.


The bridge follows the cycle of the seasons thanks to a chromatic 365-day calendar. Every day, the bridge’s core undergoes a metamorphosis and progressively fades from energizing spring green to radiant summertime orange, to a sensual fall red and, finally, icy winter blue. Like a mountain whose colours change slowly through the seasons, the bridge’s lighting design subtly evokes the changes of seasons. A timeliness artistic endeavour that respects the surrounding flora and fauna, in addition to the bridge’s users.


The energy of the city and its inhabitants continues to shine on through soft twinkling. The intensity, speed and density of the light fragments grows as Montreal receives more mentions on social media platforms. In this way, the bridge is connected to social conversations about the city and reveals the city’s heartbeat in real time.

At night time, short 5-minute animations reflect the city’s mood in keeping with different types of daily data, including the weather, traffic, news, big events, etc. The bridge has become a gauge of Montreal’s vivacity by reflecting these ever-changing inputs.

The project Living Connections was brought to life by Jacques Cartier and Champlain Bridges Incorporated. A Moment Factory production. In partnership with: Ambiances Design Productions, Lucion, ATOMIC3Public Lighting / Shadowing, Direction and UDO Design.

Photos: Moment Factory