Halo Park, Beijing

Halo Park, Beijing

This was the first partnership between Lucion and Chinese decor/design company Y&L!
Lucion prepared 4 installations for Beijing’s inaugural Festival of Lights. The first two were Lucion classics – moonGARDEN and EXPosure – that were adapted to the “Chinese universe”. The two other installations were new projects designed for the special occasion.


These 4 gigantic light tubes provided two unique experiences.

The first is a short 5-minute video describing how an astronaut manages to build a musical instrument with the help of a few friendly space elves.
The instrument became part of the second experiment in which spectators got a chance to play the instrument using a touch screen in front of the tubes. The music they created changed the nature of the content displayed in the projection.

Mirror Maze

As part of a co-creation with Y&L, Lucion designed a bamboo forest amid a jungle of mirrors. At the centre of the maze stood a 360o sphere appearing thanks to mapping involving 6 HD projectors.

The four installations were subsequently displayed in 4 other cities in China.