TUBE is many things at once, including a festive light installation, a giant musical instrument, a sound wall and a giant projection screen. 7 humongous tubes, thousands of watts of light bulbs, decibel upon decibel of sound and music and cascades and lines of video images designed to energize the jubilant crowd are what makes the TUBE multimedia experience.


The emcee and commander of the multimedia vessel is joined by 2 VJS, 1 DJ and 1 LX in a barrage of sensations. To rally the crowd, the instrument is pushed to its very limits, propelling the music and projecting images and lighting on every last pore and in every direction. Alternating between moments of euphoria and calm, the show strums to its own rhythm and to the movements of the crowd.  


For the 16th edition of the Montréal en Lumière Festival held from February 16 to 28, 2015, 7 tubes were set up along the edge of the performance grounds and the Bell Stage. The structures were used as part of the multimedia set design a massive broadcasting screen. During the performances, cameras projected portraits of the artists along the entire length of the largest tube, soaring to 15 meters in height. Music and Entertainment by Mister Valaire.