The Astonishing – Dream Theatre

The Astonishing – Dream Theatre


As part of progressive rock group Dream Theater’s “The Astonishing” world tour, Lucion designed and created the set design and visual content to accompany the band’s musical performance on its concert tour. A visual design with fantastic characters was created to cleverly bring to life this audacious rock opera.

To draw concertgoers into the universe of the show, an interactive installation was set up in the atriums of concert halls. The robot would select a spectator from the crowd and take a photo of them, instantly converting them into a clan member and giving them a name. An ID card was then generated and presented to the public during the intermission and accessible online after the show.

An astonishing project

A team of 19 animators, motion designers and 3D modellers put their noses to the grindstone to produce 150 minutes of high-energy, narrated content!