The Parc Avenue illumination project re-instilled a party atmosphere into this district in unique fashion.

The Mason jar was patented in 1858 and is more widely used in Canadian and American households than ever. It has become an icon of rural and urban artisanat. It awakens our ability to transform daily life into recipes for wellbeing, which was an easy sell in the Mile-End neighbourhood.

This illumination project involved 2,000 Mason jars turned luminaires along Montreal’s Parc Avenue. Each contained a photo-luminescent cell and rechargeable battery, which made for a sustainable art installation that required no cables or energy source! They lit up Parc Avenue for 4 to 6 hours per day.

“Light Just for Us” revitalized Parc Avenue in the spring to summer season of 2015, with a covered structure spanning 1.2 km.

Seoul Foundation for Art and Culture took the idea and installed 5 000 customized mason jars in a Seoul neighbourhood in 2018.