Grands Ballets moonGARDEN and Holographic Films

Grands Ballets moonGARDEN and Holographic Films


For a prestigious fundraiser lunch held in support of this organization’s relocation to the new Maison de la danse, we prepared an original projection highlighting the big move. Dancers were at the centre of it all, impersonating both the objects being moved in wooden crates and the movers carrying them. Entertainment at the event combined 2D on-screen projections, 3D holograms within the space and real dancers on stage. A duo between Isabelle Hudon et ….. , an iconic dancer with Montreal’s Grands Ballets set the stage with a beautiful intro.

Music: Michel Drapeau



For this business meeting focused on sales strategies and objectives, Lucion designed an adapted set design, along with all of the content in the projections.

For the occasion, Lucion presented its indoor moonGARDEN suspended from the ceiling, creating a magical, spooky ambiance.